The FCERO encourages research, which is an essential part of the learning process for future osteopathic professionals, and financially supports certain more expensive projects carried out in recognized institutions (universities, hospitals).​​

The most recent subsidized researches are the following: ​

  1. Audrey Drapeau, 2017, Université Laval, Effect of a cranio-cervical and visceral arterial osteopathic manipulation on cerebral blood flow​
  2. Victor Oswald et al, 2019, University of Montreal Magnetoencephalography Laboratory, The effect of osteopathic treatment on cognitive functional neurophysiological abilities and heart rate variability in multi-concussed athletes. ​
  3. Sandra O’Connor, 2021, Sherbrooke University Hospital, Physiobehavioral responses of preterm infants in the neonatal unit to repeated osteopathic sessions administered with neuroprotective strategies, a series of experimental single-case comparative non-inferiority studies.​

For all applications for scholarships and grants, the interested candidate must fill out a specific form which will be studied by a committee appointed for this purpose and must be ratified by the administrators.​

Within the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal, the FCERO participates in the awarding of the Andrew Taylor Still Bursary, given to osteopaths who have distinguished themselves by their exceptional commitment to the promotion, advancement and recognition of Osteopathy. To date, 69 osteopaths from various campuses have received this recognition.​

FCERO disseminates research results in various relevant institutions, supports the research department of the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal and develops, in collaboration with other institutions (A.T. Still Museum, Kirksville), an osteopathic archive.​