Osteopathy is a global approach that addresses the causes of pain and dysfunctions of the body. Its therapeutic effectiveness lies in the fact that the osteopath carefully examines each client, through various maneuvers and a thorough, meticulous palpation. Following this objective osteopathic evaluation, a plan specific to that person is established. The goal is to take into consideration not just specific problems but the overall person and how the body works as a whole.​

Currently, approximately two million osteopathic consultations are provided to the Quebec population each year, with overwhelming satisfaction.

of Osteopathy in Montreal, 20 years in Toronto and 20 years in Quebec City to allow the little ones a future that lives up to their potential and/or a better quality of life
supervised osteopathy students have participated in the care of little ones
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toddler osteopathic consultations under the care of the Quebec Foundation


Fondation Canadienne pour l’Enseignement et la Recherche en Ostéopathie